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This father and son duo from Stockton, CA, in the heart of the Central Valley, has been playing together for over eighteen years.

Steve Trucco began taking accordion lessons in 1949 at the age of ten. His teacher, John Pisacco, was trained by the Pezzolo brothers of San Francisco and at that time was the finest teacher in the valley. Mr. Pisacco stressed good timing and an articulate touch on both keyboard and basses. After six years of training and countless hours of practice with his sister watching and listening closely, Steve began his professional career with a small, four-piece group in the Stockton area. That was 60 years ago. Today, Steve, now 70 years old, still has the same four-piece group and is still available for weddings, parties or wherever they will let him play. Accordions Rock! was born a few years ago, between the four of them Steve, Judy, Michael and Lisa they created a logo that will hopefully be around for years to come. (While at an Accordion Convention, Lisa blurted out Accordions Rock!) As the guys played the women had a plan…..

Steve’s son Michael, who is now 33 years old, has been playing the accordion for twenty-four years. Beginning lessons at nine years old, he studied under Pam Turbetti of Stockton, CA. After five years of lessons, Michael began playing professionally with his father’s group and also on his own. Through high school and even college 3000 miles away from home, Michael never had any thoughts of giving up the art. Recently he and his wife Lisa are proud parents of a beautiful daughter, Chloe. Michael hopes now to be able to devote even more time to improving his already outstanding accordion-playing skills, and getting back into the studio with his father to record a few more CD’s.

Steve and Michael play mostly Italian waltzes and polkas but also play music from the forties and fifties with Michael adding the vocals. Their unique style of playing duets has been honed to almost an art form. Even though they are two separate accordionists, when they play together, they seem to meld into a single accordionist. Maybe being father and son has something to do with that.